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Gardening from a professional view

The purpose of EGMF is to represent major garden, landscaping, forestry and turf equipment manufacturers. They work and develop the highest standards of quality, safety, ergonomics, environment-friendliness and energy efficiency.

EGMF works proactively on a European level with users, manufacturers, distributors, research institutes and the European institutions on optimal solutions for these sometimes conflicting goals.

Our mission

  • To serve as a spokesman for the manufacturers of garden and outdoor power equipment on pan-European matters as well as to be recognized by the key regulatory bodies.
  • To provide expertise to stakeholders on technical, marketing and other issues related to the involved industry.
  • To provide an effective forum for exchange of information.

here the EGMF Robotic Mower Performance Evaluation Standard RLM004-1.0/2016.
On 8 April 2016, EGMF published the first worldwide performance standard to define performance characteristics for comparative testing of robotic lawnmowers. The standard was written by EGMF members’ experts in a dedicated Task Force and deals with performance criteria for consumer robotic lawnmowers in domestic use. The primary aim is to provide a tool for all test laboratories, consumer associations or any organisation to establish a level playing field for comparative tests of robotic lawnmowers. All procedures described in the standard are primarily for comparative tests of a range of products under the same lawn and weather conditions. The standard does not cover any safety-related requirements. Application of this standard is voluntary and it may be used by all manufacturers of robotic lawnmowers.

Final agenda is out for the EGMF policy event at DemoVert in Brussels on 13 September, see here
Please drop us an email with your contact details and affiliation if you are interested in attending: secretariat@egmf.org
Both this event and DemoVert are free of charge.

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